Duration: 2 - 3 Classes

Monkey Mosaic

Monkey Mosaic

Two schools in Germany collaborate on a full-scale mosaic, using imagery inspired by our favorite artist, Keith Haring!

Book of Little Things

Although initially used as an adjunct to a larger scale lesson, this activity provides much potential when used with Keith Haring's book, NINA'S BOOK OF LITTLE THINGS, which allows for interactive visual and conceptual activities.

Heart Collage

A simple lesson designed for younger students. Perfect for Valentines or Mothers Day.

Haring All Over

A lesson that focuses on pattern and design through line and color. The teacher, a fellow Haring fan, used many of the images on our site to inspire her students. The finished products were photographed and made into a book.

Add a Page to Love

Using Keith Haring's book, LOVE, as a stepping stone, students are asked to create their own page to express love while challenging their use of color.

Clay Alphabet Sculpture Scenes

Clay Alphabet Sculpture Scenes

A fun and informative introduction to the art of Keith Haring and an opportunity for students to sculpt their own clay letters!

Haring In Motion Magnets

Students paint a Haring portrait in motion and then transfer the image onto a shrink film magnet.

The Tarpaulin Project

The Tarpaulin Project

A lesson that practically guarantees great results AND a low budget! The Tarpaulin Project was developed by the Education Staff at the Art Gallery of Ontario in an effort to help students become more familiar with Keith Haring's work and working methods while cultivating students' ability to express emotions on a visual level.