Subject: Writing

Organ Systems Mural

Organ Systems Mural

Student groups create a "mural" of 11 body systems, utilizing Keith Haring coloring pages

Creation and Expression

Reflecting on Text and Context in Art

What does art tell us about the time and place of its creation, and what does the context tell us about an artwork? In this lesson, students consider the work of Keith Haring in the late 1970s and early 1980s, which can be used as a framework for studying any artist and era. Students research historically and culturally significant events as a potential means to understand artists and their works. They create and present slide shows that incorporate images of the work with commentary that place the pieces in their historical and cultural context. Finally, they trace the legacy of their chosen artist via the work of artists who came later or their effect on culture.

Remote Control Grid Drawings

Remote Control Grid Drawings

Students follow my step by step example of an abstract drawing. I do and then they do.
The idea is to see how similar we can make the same drawing focusing on placement and scale.
This made possible by utilizing the simple understanding of point, line, and middles using the grid.

Haring Mobiles

This lesson was sent to us by a school in New Jersey whose students designed and constructed their own Haring-inspired hanging mobiles. A great extension to lessons involving the figure and movement.

A Book About Heart

A Book About Heart

An explorative lesson that stimulates language skills while aiding in the development of social and emotional awareness.

Window Mural

A teacher's account of her "Nutcracker Mural" done in the style of Keith Haring's characters in a local storefront window.

Across Curriculum

A wonderful lesson sent in by a school in England that helps students examine and discuss art while developing their own fun and silly essays.


Using Keith Haring's book, TEN as a starting point, children will learn to quantify and visually depict numbers.