Age/Grade: Elementary 2

1st-3rd Grade,
7-9 Years

Haring Lampshades

These students from Germany participated in a competition to design Haring-inspired lampshades.

Haring Style Drawings

Sent to us by one of our most active teachers, this project demonstrates the explorative fun that students can have with Keith Haring inspired imagery.

Book of Little Things

Although initially used as an adjunct to a larger scale lesson, this activity provides much potential when used with Keith Haring's book, NINA'S BOOK OF LITTLE THINGS, which allows for interactive visual and conceptual activities.



With an emphasis on line, this lesson explores the potential of a collaborative process by conitnually redefining the drawing as a piece of work as well as a process.

A Book About Heart

A Book About Heart

An explorative lesson that stimulates language skills while aiding in the development of social and emotional awareness.


Using Keith Haring's book, TEN as a starting point, children will learn to quantify and visually depict numbers.


Similar to the book, I WISH I DIDN'T HAVE TO SLEEP, containing children's responses to Haring's work, students are encouraged to look at Haring's work, and create their own stories.