Using Keith Haring's book, TEN as a starting point, children will learn to quantify and visually depict numbers.


Children will quantify the numerals 1 to 10.

Children will graphically represent quantities 1 to 10 in a colorful way.


Ten book


Colored construction paper, 8.5 x 14"
White drawing paper
Vibrant markers


Read 10 online and other counting books.
Set up ten tables or areas, each with a large sign giving it a number (1 - 10).
Children categorize objects, count the objects found in each category, and then place them in groups on the corresponding table or area.
Children brainstorm ideas for illustrating their own counting book (people, animals, flowers, shapes, etc.)
Children assemble the construction paper into book format by stacking five sheets of the colored construction paper, then folding the stack in half and stapling it at the folded edge.
Children title and decorate the cover.
Children open to first inside page, write number 1, and on the white drawing paper, draw a single illustration for that number (example: one flower), cut it out with scissors, and glue it to the page.
Children repeat with numbers 2 - 10. Numbers 2 - 4 are on single facing pages, while numbers 5 - 10 use whole spreads of double pages.
Children share books with other classmates.


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