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A Sculptor’s Model

A Sculptor's Model

This lesson was designed to parallel The Tampa Museum's survey: "Keith Haring: Art & Commerce," on view March 18 through June 11, 2006.

Local children were presented with a slide presentation of Haring's work, with a particular emphasis on Haring's large scale steel sculptures and accompanying sculptural macquettes. Students then participated in a workshop where they too could design and construct their own scaled down models of imaginary, mythic sculptures.

A Mural Gift

A Mural Gift

5th grade students participated in a mural making activity based on the art of Keith Haring. The mural was presented to Rosemont Elementary School as a "thank you" gift for everyone at the school who as helped the 5th grade students.


Keith Haring's art places a lot of impact on shape and colour. This lesson enables learners to see the imact of colour within an artwork.

Haring Mobiles

This lesson was sent to us by a school in New Jersey whose students designed and constructed their own Haring-inspired hanging mobiles. A great extension to lessons involving the figure and movement.

Water Tank Mural

Water Tank Mural

This middle school in Australia used Keith Haring's dancing figures as inspiration for a mural on a water tank using characters that represent their school subjects.

Gesture Drawing

Gesture drawings, inspired by Keith Haring. To introduce students to the artwork of Keith haring. To expose them to the Art Term "Gesture".

A Haring Event

A Haring Event

This school in New Jersey hosted a "Dine with Your Child" afternoon, complete with Haring-inspired hallway decorations and home-made tee-shirts.