Materials: Pencils

Creating Stories

Looking and drawing merge in this lesson to help students understand and appreciate Keith Haring's work. As an extension to this project, these NYC school children decorated bags containing holiday gifts for local charities.

Fine Art to Animation with Keith Haring

Fine Art to Animation with Keith Haring

These 5th Graders studied Keith Haring and the significance of his life and art on our world. After exploring elements of line and color through drawing; they then created their own morphes in the computer lab using VSE's Animation Maker.

Creating a Personal Symbol

Creating a Personal Symbol

After studying the work of Keith Haring, these high school students created their own personal symbols on woodblocks. The symbols were then printed on to an item of clothing and incorporated into a banner.

Symbols to Sculptures

Designed by the Museum Educators at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto, Canada, this lesson encourages students to consider shapes as a construct for symbol making. The project proposes a transformation from 2-dimensional drawings to synthesized, 3-dimensional forms.

Symbols & Signs

An activity provided by the Art Gallery of Ontario, this lesson seeks to help children identify and express their emotions through lines and symbols, just as Keith Haring did.

Line & Expression – 2D

An activity provided by the Art Gallery of Ontario designed to teach children about Keith Haring's art, specifically his art-making methods and his use of line and shape to create a symbolic language.

Line & Expression – 3D

An activity provided by the Art Gallery of Ontario designed to help students understand meanings and representations of symbols and to synthesize 2-dimensional imagery into 3-dimensional forms

Haring Inspired Drawing & Sculpture

Haring Inspired Drawing & Sculpture

Boys from Children's Village learn about Keith Haring's work, and make their own drawings and sculptures inspired by his style and sensibility.

Children Respond to Haring’s Work

Using the Keith Haring exhibition as a starting point in their Education and Outreach programming, City Gallery helped children be inspired by and respond to Haring's work.