Dance Party

Dance Party

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5th grade students create a poster based on Keith Haring´s "Dance" series.


Content Objective: Identify, recognize and apply the elements of art in an aesthetic composition based on Keith Haring´s "Dance" series

Language Objective: Read and disscuss Keith Haring´s biography in pairs.


Construction paper
black marker
80´s music


This is a 3 class lesson plan.

Images of Keith Haring´s work are projected and students are asked to identify the elements of art (line, shape, form, color, space, value and texture) within it, and they way they are working in the composition. Afterwards, they are handed a page with his biography (downloaded from this site) and in pairs they must summarize the main ideas. We later discuss them as a group, focusing on discrimination and why ignorance equals fear.

DAY 2:
This is the most fun day! Half the students get up while the other half remains seated and is handed different colored sheets of construction paper (3 each). 80s music is played while the students standing up dance. Suddenly, the music stops and dancers must freeze in their poses, becoming statues while the other half of the class draws their outline. This is repeated 3 times, one for each different color of construction paper. Next, the drawing students become the dancers and vice versa.

DAY 3:
Students are handed scissors and cut out their dancing shapes. A poster board is pinned on the wall and students must paste their shapes trying to use space in an interesting way (concepts of proportion and overlapping are introduced). After they have pasted, they outline with black marker and create radiant lines or movement lines (or both) around them. Voila!




2 Responses to Dance Party

  1. Dutchess says:

    I love your project!!!! The freeze dance and 80s music are great idea to help the students to express their creativity in an awesome way-

  2. Lulu- Art Teacher says:

    I am currently doing this project with my 5th grade class. It is by far the most fun project they’ve experienced and the results are wonderful! Thank you for sharing this very fun idea!

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