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Haringkids Italy

Haringkids Italy

Middle-schoolers in Milan, Italy learn about Keith Haring and make their own work inspired by his style.

Tools for Discussing Haring’s Work

By maintaining a framework to lead a discussion, this outline will help make looking at, talking about, and responding to art less intimidating.

The Story of Red and Blue – Writing

The Story of Red and Blue - Writing

This lesson helps students explore the creative possibilities of using language to interpret art.

The 1980s Series – Fashion

During the 1980s, music, dance, fashion, and art experienced a boom of energy and innovation. It was also during the 80s that Haring came into prominence and produced most of his signature work. This series of lessons seeks to explore the cultural and creative phenomenons of the 1980s for the youth of today. The Fashion lesson allows students to transform old clothes, model them and reflect on the process while having fun and being creative.