Age/Grade: Above 14

High School +,
14+ Years

Haring Inspired CD Covers

Haring Inspired CD Covers

Integrating art and music, this cohesive lesson seeks to teach students the fundamentals of graphic design by creating their own Haring-inspired CD Covers.

Everyday Objects as Art

Everyday Objects as Art

After examining "readymade" artwork by several influential 20th Century artists, these high school students created sculptures by painting on "everyday objects". Offering both an art history and an art-making component, this lesson allows students to analyze and synthesize the creative process for themselves.

The 1980s Series – Breakdancing

During the 1980s, music, dance, fashion, and art experienced a boom of energy and innovation. It was also during the 80s that Haring came into prominence and produced most of his signature work. This series of lessons seeks to explore the cultural and creative phenomenons of the 1980s for the youth of today. The Breakdancing lesson, in particular, allows students to translate Haring's celebrated images of dancing people into choreographed breakdancing routines.

Radiant Baby

This lesson, designed specifically for the New York City musical that chronicles Keith Haring's life, "Radiant Baby", takes students through pre and post musical writing & art assignments in an effort to help students realize their life goals and a path towards self-accomplishment.

Pop Shop 4 – Shopkeeping

Create and run a store to sell prints, pictures, tee shirts created in Pop Shop Lessons 1 - 3.

Pop Shop 3 – Printmaking (Tee Shirts)

Learn printmaking, including printing Tee shirts, based on the images of Haring's work.

Sidewalk Justice

High School students from New York City take to the streets to express their opinions, both personal and political.