Subject: Drawing

Lessing meets Haring

This elementary school in Germany partnered up with some college students to create a challenging mural that functions as visual storytelling and encourages graffiti prevention.

Haringkids Italy

Haringkids Italy

Middle-schoolers in Milan, Italy learn about Keith Haring and make their own work inspired by his style.

I Can Dance to the Music of Everything

This children-designed book explores rhyming, musical inventions, rhythm and dance using the process of printmaking.

On the Move

To explore students' perceptions of movement and how it can be expressed in images.
Make a visual diary of how you move throughout the day.

Mural to Music 2

Ask your students to make a collaborative mural drawing to music, using their invented sign language, music, using their invented sign language, music logos, imagination, and their responses to the music.

Hip Hop, Skip, and Jump

This program was designed to be a take-home activity for children in conjunction with the exhibition of Keith Haring's work at the Whitney Museum in New York City.