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Introduction and Recent Lessons


Printing with Objects


6 PMLD students aged from 12 to 17 used objects with different textures or filled with different textures to print paint onto figures for a classroom display inspired by Keith Haring. They also created the background black paint dabbing brushes in a rhythm.

Mural Making in the Style Of Keith Haring


My 5th graders discussed what topics they considered important enough to provide a lasting legacy at their elementary school before heading off to middle school.

Several ideas were brainstormed and voted on. They decided that they wanted to showcase "sports and fitness" while showing haring style figures in motion.

Subway Graffiti Project


After the students of the middle school art lab. watched the following documentary www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wj0XRAIo32w on Keith Haring, they worked on their own individual art works, inspired by Keith Haring's subway drawings.

T-shirt Designer


Taking on the role of a t-shirt designer— “Keith Haring Style”

The lesson's goal was for students to pretend that they were “reopening” the Pop Shop in NYC that closed in 2005. They were given the challenge to design and showcase new and improved t-shirts that were marketable to sell. They could use any surface application such as dyeing, bleaching, and fabric paint to accomplish the task and it had to be wearable!

Keith Haring Semiotics Poster


This lesson introduces students to the work of Keith Haring, focusing on his semiotic messages. Students have to create their own semiotic symbols to communicate a positive message that is important in their lives.

Introducing Keith Haring


Lesson to introduce the work of Keith Haring to a class of 7 and 8 year old pupils.