subway art!
  subway drawing


While he was an art student at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, Keith realized that he wanted to bring art to everyone rather than creating art only for museums or individuals. He wanted to work with lots of different people, inspiring their imaginations and emotions. The most important thing to Keith was to be able to communicate to the whole world.

One day, while riding the subway, Keith noticed the plain black paper hanging in all the unused advertising space. He ran to a store and bought plain white chalk, returned to the subway, and started drawing. Keith knew that he could get into trouble with the police if he was caught drawing on the paper, so he had to work fast. With just a few lines, his simple figures came to life. Sometimes they became barking dogs or a group of heads. Sometimes they became little characters hugging each other, pyramids, light bulbs and flying saucers. After drawing in the subway stations a few times, Keith had attracted a lot of attention. People often simply stood and watched him work, but sometimes they asked him what his drawings meant.

He used to reply:


titlesubwaysymbolsteam workcelebrateself portrait
titlesubwaysymbolteam workcelebrateself portrait