Story of Red and Blue Story Contest - [see Red and Blue by Keith Haring]


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2nd Place- Middle School Category; Name: Nikkie; Age: 13; Location: California,

“The Eggventarous Egg”

There once was a blue and red rabbit who had a purple egg. Then he met his friend who is the man dancing on the red nose. So the red and blue rabbit wanted to try to dance on the nose so he did. He got up there holding his purple egg. And when he was dancing, the purple egg fell out of his hand and it rolled into the street.

Just as the purple egg rolled into the street the wolfman with the red lips got into the blue and red vertical car and started driving down the road and the purple egg rolled in front of the blue and red vertical car.

So the wolfman stopped the car but before he could get out, the guy with the red mask grabbed the egg from out of the street and then he ran.

He was running all through the town. Then, he met up with the Chinese woman with the red fan. And the Chinese woman wanted the purple egg. So she made the guy with the red mask go to the store to get something to eat.

When he was gone she grabbed the purple egg quickly and left a not that said:

I’m very sorry
The Chinese woman with the red fan

Then she quickly left. When she went outside a guy on a skateboard accidentally ran into her. When that happened the egg flew out of her hand and it flew into the air. When it flew it went inside of the blue figure with a sunflower.

It stayed there for about a day. It would have stayed longer but a blue snail couldn’t see very well and he ran into the sunflower and the egg rolled away.

The lady in jewelry was walking by the garden of flowers and she saw a purple egg. So she went and picked it up.

After this she carried the egg everywhere she went. But then one day the figures with happy faces snatched the egg from her when she was sitting peacefully on a bench by a lake.

The happy figures ran back into the forest behind the lake.

The guy with the red spot was going hunting in the forest. He was running after a blue peacock.

Then the guy and the peacock ran to see this egg thing so they went on.

Then the egg started moving quickly by itself. It grew into a large egg with a face and he called himself Humpty Dumpty.

Then Humpty Dumpty was walking. He saw blue and red figures kissing. The he walked more and he saw more people. Blue and red lines as people with their baby with a blue rattle. So he went and talked to them.

After he got done talking to them he met up with this child with a blue rat. And they turned out to be best friends.

Humpty Dumpty ended up living with Blue Rat.

Then one day Humpty Dumpty was feeling sad because he wanted to know who his real parents were. So he explained to Blue Rat, but Blue Rat wanted to go with him because he lived with his grandma who spoke ghost and he never knew his parents either.

So they left the house without anyone knowing. So they went to Central Park in New York but found no one that looked like him so he went to another park in New York. He went to talk to a rabbit about his life. And the rabbit said, “You know I lost my purple egg.”

Then Humpty Dumpty said, “I think you’re my owner.”

They lived happy ever after. The guy with the red mask married the Chinese lady. The two figures lived in the forest. That was only one of the first adventures of Humpty Dumpty.