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3rd Place- High School Category; Name: Melissa; Age: 14; Location: California

“ Blue & Red!”

One day in the land of Yommot, a little boy named Charlie was walking along a road and looked down to notice the road was red. How strange he thought to himself. He kept walking and noticed that the road ended. He kept walking and noticed that the road ended. He turned around and saw two big eyes staring at him. WOW! That’s scary! He noticed he was climbing along someone’s face and was at the tip of his or her nose. He then screamed, “HELP!” He was afraid of heights and had no way down. Suddenly a boy… a baby boy with an enormous blue rattle crawled to the scene. The boy slammed his rattle at the ground in an attempt to shake Charlie out of the tree but his idea wasn’t so grand. Charlie was still stuck on the red nose! So the baby started to cry and Charlie began to scream.

Along came a wolfman with very chapped lips. He said why on earth are you two so upset? Charlie said with a sob “B…b…b…because I’m stuck in the tree and afraid of heights!” The wolfman replied, “well…I would come after you but then I myself would be stuck also for I am afraid of heights as well.” So the wolfman left in search of help.

About an hour later another boy arrived and looked up at Charlie…this boy had a predicament himself…he had a blue rat glued to his forehead. Charlie said, “Can you get me down?” The boy answered back with…”now my arm is broken and I can’t get up but I will look around and see what I can do.” The little boy left and Charlie still had no way down. Charlie couldn’t figure out how he got on this nose. Charlie looked out into the distance and saw a round, red, object swaying on a fence…Charlie called out “HELLO?” no answer. “Hello are you out there… little red person on the fence?!” Still no answer. All of a sudden the red thing was gone it had toppled over the other side of the fence. That can’t be good but Charlie was still stuck.

Charlie screams again “HELP!” And a blue woman appeared. “Why what’s the matter little boy?” “I’m stuck on this red nose and nobody can get me down!” “Well I would come up for you but the ghost I was just talking to told me it would only lead to death and for that reason I won’t.”

Well it’s only getting later and poor Charlie is still out of luck.

A little Japanese lady with a BIG red fan carrying a blue peacock comes walking along. Charlie yells “HELP ME PLEASE!” but the Japanese lady only spoke Japanese.

The little Japanese woman was followed by a line of people. There was a Japanese man with a big red mask around his neck and a little blue snail. There were what I would guess her sons playing catch with 2 red bouncy balls throwing the balls over a big blue figure, which was held up by a sunflower.

A little man came along and thought poor Charlie was suspended in air, the man could only see red. He wouldn’t attempt to climb the face because he couldn’t see the face. Behind the man who only saw red was a red line and a blue line, but they were people. Strange but Charlie didn’t even bother to ask for help.

A blue man who looked almost identical to Charlie came along, Charlie said, “can you help me?” The figure reached for Charlie and they were face to face when he noticed it was his worst enemy he let go and told the blue figure to leave. As told the blue man left.

Poor Charlie sat in that tree for another hour as he slowly watched the sun move closer to the mountains.

A little red car came putting along. This car was very small only big enough for an ant to ride in Charlie watched as the car went on by. Charlie let out a sigh. This has been the worst day of his life and he’s beginning to feel there’s still worse to come.

Yet another visitor came along. This was a woman wearing jewelry. Unfortunately she couldn’t speak English so Charlie had no way of getting her help. Right along behind her hopped a bunny. The bunny stopped at the tree and kneeled. Charlie was stunned; he didn’t know what this bunny was doing. He suddenly started digging fiercely at the base of the neck of the face at which Charlie was stuck on the nose of.

Charlie saw a female object walking towards him. This was the girl he had been dreaming about for all of his 2nd grade year. This was the girl he was chasing everyday at lunch! Her name was September. She saw him and immediately ran to him. “Are you ok?” she asked. “Yes” he remarked. She said, “I will help you down.” She grabbed him and pulled him down. Unfortunately he landed upon 2 objects kissing, one was red the other blue. When Charlie got up, they were combined as a purple blob.

It was then that all the ones who had came to help him showed up. They all knew that September had to walk that way sometime today, and so they left Charlie to be found by the one he loved.

The End!