Story of Red and Blue Story Contest - [see Red and Blue by Keith Haring]


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1st Place- High School Category, Name: Julia, Age: 17, Location: Idstein, Germany

The Story of Red and Blue

Once upon a time,
not very far from here,
two somethings lived in harmony
and that's where we appear.

Red and Blue, that were their names,
they had a certain skill:
They could transform into everything;
if man, if child, if mill.

Red, he liked Pinocchio,
Blue liked baby's rattle -
so they became the things they liked
without a sign of battle.

They also adored the animals,
so red became a pig
and Blue was now a little mouse,
serving as a wig.

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
but if you look really close,
it's Red again who's sitting there
in that comfortable pose.

In the meantime, Blue helped an artist
-someone who lost his hair-
as a "thank-you" he was pictured
and thought this was only fair.

Now Red felt the need to travel
and after long hours of flight
he finally arrived in china,
where he helped a woman to get out of sight.

While blue was visiting birds
and tried to live like they do,
Red went over to Africa
to make new experiences, too.

Tired of this exciting day,
Blue crawled to bed as a snail
and Red played some final rounds of ball,
before he got his good-night-tale.

In the morning Blue woke up,
went visiting his flowers...
he smelled their scent, enjoyed their bloom
and stayed with them for hours.

As he went back, Blue felt alone
and Red - he felt the same
"the way it's now" both of them thought,
"life is pretty lame".

But then - a crash - they looked around,
could this really be true?
They saw each other and from now on,
they were known as Red AND Blue.

They had fun together, laughed a lot,
drove around a few,
when people saw them, they were amazed -
this was something new.

United, they visited the Africans again
and Red had much more fun,
they visited animals together -
whistling bunnies on the run.

One day they kissed
and out of this
a new thing grew...
a kind of bliss !