Keith Haring In the Subway 1980 - 1985
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Haring Subway
Subway Drawings Keith in the Subway
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Photographer, Ivan Dalla Tana

Since the 1980's, a new presence has been seen and felt in New York City's street and subways. Radiant Babies, Barking Dogs and Zapping Spacecraft, drawing simply and with great authority, have entered the minds and memories of thousands of New yorkers. Our instant familiarity with this new pantheon of characters coincides with our rapid recognition that a sympathetic sensibility is at work in our midst. This call to attention, stronger than that exerted by the colossal glut of advertising or official signage, sets the work of Keith Haring apart from other graffiti writers. The man responsible for all this cheer never signs his work Keith Haring's gift to the public is generous and heartfelt - a celebration of the spirit that is not and cannot be measured in dollars.

-- from the Intoduction to Art in Transit
     by Henry Geldzahler
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