Keith Haring In the Subway 1980 - 1985
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Haring Subway
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Photographer, Chantal Regnault 1981

In the 1960s and the 1970s, the New York subway system, and the city's doorways and blank walls, became internationally famous as the breeding ground and blackboard for the most fertile and pervasive crop of graffiti artists since "Kilroy was here" in the aftermath of World War ll. It is, perhaps, no accident that in both instances stress and danger - combat conditions and a certain camaraderie - prevailed.

The graffiti artist, or "writers” as the prefer to be called, graduate at any age between eleven and sixteen , from the schools and sidewalks to that olympic arena - public transportation. Enormous media attention has been focused on them. There has been, however,no unanimity of opinion on their value or on what their presence indicates about our society. What to one observer seems a healthy artistic outlet for rage, frustration, and the opportunity to identity in a culture which only "stars" are admired, is to another the unsightly defacement of public property - a Bronx cheer at government and authority.

-- from the Intoduction to Art in Transit
     by Henry Geldzahler
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