Keith Haring In the Subway 1980 - 1985
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Haring Subway
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Mark Tobey, Litho No. 3, 1969, 28.8 x 29.1 cm


Haring hit upon the connections between his urgent cartoons and Alechinsky's equally agitated although less specific message. but he soon realized that to evolve from the abstract draftmanship that was engendered by this contact, a wider field of influence and stimulus was needed. It was specifically to enroll in the School of Visual Arts that Haring came to New York City in 1978. A quick study, he soon absorbed and moved beyond the information, styles and available attitudes at that curious institution, which is at once naive and hip. Ultimately, Haring's transition to the stunning new vocabulary of Pulsing Pyramids, Praying Figures and Hovering Angels was the result of a few months in New York City, driven by the hunger to communicate to a popular audience - one that lay outside the official art world.

-- from the Intoduction to Art in Transit
     by Henry Geldzahler
| Complete essay.

Image courtesy of the:
Fine Art Museums of San Francisco
For more information on Mark Tobey please visit their web site.

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