Keith Haring In the Subway 1980 - 1985
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Haring Subway
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Slave, 1980

Lee, 1980


"I was taking the trains often to go to museums and galleries or to wherever I was going. I was always taking the trains and I was starting to see not only the big paintings on the outsides of cars but the incredible calligraphy, or signatures, which were covering the insides of cars."
--Haring, from interviews by John Gruen

These cars were painted by members of fab 5ive. The Fab 5ive was the most admired whole car crew in New York City. They pushed writing to the limit. They created detailed murals inspiring their peers and amazing the public. They frequently topped the transit police's most wanted list. The FAB 5 would join the short list of crews to do a whole train (10 cars). The Whole Train was done by DOC, LEE, MONO, SLAVE. FAB 5ive members: DIRTY SLUG, MONO 105.2, DOC109, PROF 165, OG 2, BLUD, SONY, BOB, SLAVE, DEL, LEE.

LEE was known for his ability to illustrate and precise paint control (years before German thin caps). LEE would be instrumental in the realization of the "Whole Train Dream". He along with SLAVE would keep the FAB 5 name alive long after the others retired. "

Information and images were found at:
Fab Five @ 149st
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