Keith Haring In the Subway 1980 - 1985
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Haring Subway
Subway Drawings Keith in the Subway
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photographer, Ivan Dalla Tana

""There were at this time also white markers which were very popular with graffiti artists for drawing on darker surfaces or for on windows,on glass in the train windows and things. I tried on a panel with these markers."

" The chalk that was available at that store (it was the first time so I used whatever chalk I could find) was really crumbly and crumbled a lot when I drew with it. Because of the softness of the paper it [the chalk] was perfect thing to draw with. But the marker wasn't the best idea, partly because it would have soaked into the paper more, and it didn't have the kind of tactile thing making it really sharp, crisp, white on top of this black."
--Haring, from interviews by John Gruen >> Flipbooks | Map | Pictures | Posters